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Porur: Dream Destination for Sophisticated Lifestyle and Luxurious Living

Buying a new property – A scale UP for your status

Did you ever dream of buying a house? If yes then we totally understand how special that is. Is buying a house one of the things on your bucket list? There are many reasons why one wants to buy a house. The most evident reason is to up their social status. Many people consider buying a house or a property as a showcase of their status in society. It is also natural because you save money for an eternity to buy a house. Many people even open a savings account to save money to buy a house. It is a warm feeling to have a house of your own. This way, you feel more independent and feel at home.

Owning a house vs renting a house

Have you ever given this a thought? How would it be to own a house and live in that vs renting out a house and stay there? While staying in a rented house has its own perks, staying in an owned house has more benefits.

Here are some amazing reasons that will make you rethink if you consider renting as a better option. 

Makes you stand firm

When you stay in a rented house, you might have to move frequently. On the other hand, if you own a house, you can stay with no hassle and it will help you have a proper permanent address. By staying in such long-lasting spaces you also make your kids happy as they can find friends.

It’s your home

When you rent a house it might be yours for the time being but how confident would you be in at least hammering a nail and hanging a dear picture of yours? You can do the same, happily in your own house. You can paint it in any colour that you want, you can put in your favourite decors and what not.

Along-term investment

Staying in a rented house means there is only an expense and nothing else. On the other hand, the money you put into buying or constructing your house is more of an investment than an expense. One day it is all yours and is a great option to find some returns too if you plan to sell it sometime in the future.


When it comes to your home, you will be happier to maintain it the right way. This way you can have peace of mind as a well-maintained home makes one happier and cheerful

What constitutes an ideal destination for your home

Is it merely enough to have a house? Be it a rented or an own house, what is more, important is to consider what constitutes a home. A home is where there is comfort. This does not mean only the interiors. It is also to do with the surroundings. An ideal destination for any home should consist of the following:

  • Proximity to places – The major aspect that one has to look for is to see if the place is close enough to all essential locations. This can be hospitals, restaurants, schools or colleges. The place should also be centrally located to have good local transport connectivity. Fomra hues, for example, is a great residential space to invest in when it comes to this. Another good reason to invest in Porur is that it is close to the Porur IT park which makes it the best choice.
  • Safe surroundings – Porur is neither sparsely populated nor heavily populated. Which makes it safe and a sound place to have your residence. Porur is an excellent neighborhood to buy a home.
  • An abundance of water – One of the best things about Porur is that the Porur lake serves as the biggest source of freshwater. This ensures a continuous supply of water with no scarcity.
  • Proximity to schools and colleges – Porur has many schools and the prestigious Ramachandra College is located right there which makes it the right place to find a house as it is important that kids have their school close to their homes.

Why consider Porur

Porur is a great place to find a home or invest in one. While buying a home it is really important to consider many other factors as well. Some of which include the points that have been mentioned in the previous section. Other major factors are that it should be close to emergency places like hospitals, and other medical centers, schools, and other educational institutions, shops like departmental stores, shopping complexes, and others.

These make a place ideal to stay and it is a great option to consider new flats for sale in porur. Also, another best thing is that there are so many budget flats in Porur that one can easily buy with their savings.

Luxury home-buying in Porur

Porur has many new real estate projects coming up. The best thing is that many of them fall under budget flats in Porur. While buying a home it is important to check for the right real estate who can be trusted. You can always trust Fomra when it comes to this. If you are looking for new flats for sale in Porur then Fomra housing is what you should consider for Fomra Hues offers luxury flats in Porur. These budget flats in Porur are great to invest in.

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