understanding how gst works for residential flats

The GST Question: Understanding How It Works For Residential Flats In Chennai

Real estate is one of the fast-growing sectors of our economy. While agriculture remains the top priority, people have shifted their investment choices to something away from the usual with modernisation. Real estate is now the most preferred area of investment. This is also because of the lifestyle, the growing advancement in other aspects that […]

fomra residential flats in porur

All You Need To Know About Fomra Hues: Residential Flats in Porur

Like different hues in a colour palette, Fomra being the top-notch housing firms has varied projects that it is touching upon.  The ongoing and the most eagerly awaited project is the Fomra hues, the construction of the residential flat in Porur.  The thought of buying a home at the places other than the well established […]

A Guide To The Legal Process Of Buying Property In A Metropolitan City

A Guide To The Legal Process Of Buying Property In A Metropolitan City

When we think of buying a home, we usually only consider the monetary aspect of it. While that isn’t wrong in any way, it’s also prudent to consider the other factors associated with buying a home. Let’s say you’re eyeing a residential apartment in a metro city like Chennai. If you’re new to the property […]

How To Pinpoint The Best Apartments For Sale Online

How To Pinpoint The Best Apartments For Sale Online

Due to the recent unforeseen developments in our world, we’ve had to make some significant changes to our daily lives. One of those changes is the rise to prominence of online marketing. The field of real estate hasn’t been immune either. In this era of social distancing, site visits are a thing of the past. […]

7 long-run benefits of buying a flat in Chennai in 2020 for your family

7 long-Run Benefits of Buying a Flat in Chennai in 2020 for Your Family

Chennai is the fastest-growing metropolitan city and is one of the busiest places. It has been growing rapidly to meet the new demands of the growing population. Why wouldn’t it expand, for major IT hubs and other great amenities are finding its way in this prominent place? Most people relate Chennai or Madras as it […]