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All You Need To Know About Fomra Hues: Residential Flats in Porur

Like different hues in a colour palette, Fomra being the top-notch housing firms has varied projects that it is touching upon. 

The ongoing and the most eagerly awaited project is the Fomra hues, the construction of the residential flat in Porur. 

The thought of buying a home at the places other than the well-established metropolitan hubs can poke in the obvious question of whether or not it is worth buying. 

To bring to your attention, Fomra hues will definitely benefit the idea of buying a residential flat in Porur because of the foreseen development that Porur might bag. 

Porur is a fast developing place. The growth rate of Porur is about 32% which is enormous. Porur is sure to hit the status and comfort as one of the most preferred living areas of the city. 

Budget flats in Porur are the talk of the town because of the top-class amenities and comfortable living space that you get at the most reasonable price from the Fomra housing. 

Fomra hues is a noteworthy project of Fomra housing and are into construction. As of November 2020, the site is almost half away into completion.  

Let us take a sneak peek at what the Fomra housing project will look like once it is done and also get an idea on what are the exciting things that the Fomra hues project has to offer.

Residential flats with hi-tech facilities

People are always sceptical about buying residential flats because of the obvious question of whether or not the place will be accommodative as per their likes and interests. That would be the one major reason why many would prefer to build individuals homes in comparison to buying residential flats. 

But with Fomra hues, you can be certain that the residential flats will not fail to surprise you. 

The houses are neatly furnished with proper ventilation and light.  

Porur has good water resources, and even during the times of Chenna’s water scarcity, you can be assured that Fomra hues community will not be affected. 

These futuristic home at Fomra has home automation facilities, biometric locks for main doors, CCTV cameras with access on the phone, clear title deed and much more

Whether you’re searching for a 3 bhk flats for sale in Porur, or a 2 bhk flat, Fomra hues will make sure to cover your needs up with the highest quality and defined space that it has to offer. 

Wellness and Entertainment centres

Luxury and comfort are one thing, but wellness is pivotal. Keeping in mind the wellness of the community, Fomra hues is designed in such a way that the community gets access to numerous wellness centres just within their premises. 

There are a wide variety of wellness centres like gyms, yoga/ meditation halls, kids fitness centres.  

You can also get access to indoor games centres, steam/ sauna centres, reflexology path centre, and much more. 

The terrace garden area and the children play are the most attractive amenities that you get on the premises of the Fomra hues. 

The most exciting thing about the hues is that it has a mini theatre in it. What is more fun than watching your favourite movies in a screening hall in your own place?  

There is also a multi-purpose hall and a library which anyone can put to use. 

Transport Convenience and entertainment hubs

There are a plethora of entertainment hubs that are located nearby and to go with it there are many commuting options available as well. 

Entertainment and shopping hubs like VR malls, Forum Vijaya Mall, Inox- Arcot road and AGS- Maduravoyal are located just within 7 km or less. 

Thus, added to the entertainment centres available in the premises, you can take a stroll around places nearby the hues as well. 

Iyyapanthangal bus depot, Katupakkam metro station is very near. Convenient and safe commuting services can be availed through it.

Health, Educational and Job comfort

The most important thing is addressed by the Fomra hues. Well, that is the fact that people commute for hours together to attend schools and jobs. It is almost absurd that people spend most of their time travelling and end up losing out their energy which can otherwise be invested in something that can be beneficial. 

At Fomra hues, the most beneficial thing is that it is located in a place, where there is access to top-class educational institutions and top-tier corporations within a very nearby distance. 

Few top-class schools located near Fomra hues are Velammal academy, Maharishi schools, PSBB millennium schools, Schram Academy, and much more.

Few renowned universities located near Fomra hues are DR. MGR medical university, Ramachandra University, Saveetha institutes, ACS colleges, and Appolo specialty clinics. 

Given that there are also many medical hospitals like MIOT and Appolo nearby, which is a definitive thing for safety and health. 

The top tier corporates like Indialand, DLF IT Park, Ambit IT park are very near to the Fomra hues. 

All these top medical hubs, educational institutes and corporates are located within 6 km or less from Fomra hues’ location. 

Quality pricing 

It is almost a popular belief that acquiring an own living space leaves people in debt for an extended period of time. Who told us that it has to be this way? 

With Fomra hues, you can acquire a highly defined and comfortable living space at the most reasonable and affordable prices. Would you believe if I told you that the starting price is 63.8L?

Yes, it is. At such a minimalist price you can get so much more in terms of facilities, resources, and comfort from Fomra. Given that, you can see why the launch of Fomra hues is eagerly awaited upon.If you’re someone who is willing to kickstart a new family and are looking for a 2 bhk flat sales in Porur or looking to move into a larger living space with 3 bhk flats, Fomra housing will get you covered, and you can count on them anytime to give you your dream living space.

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