All about Apartments in Chennai -Loan, maintenance charge, amenities, ready-to-move

Chennai is a rapidly developing metro city with well-developed infrastructure. With an economical standard of living, compared to other metro cities in the country, Chennai city offers its residents a great lifestyle paired with rich culture, which makes it a very fitting place to set up and raise a family.

It is not a tedious task to find housing here. With the city being organized into well-planned residential neighborhoods, it offers its citizens various housing options, from independent villas and bungalows, to budget and luxury apartments.

Apartments in Chennai – A brief introduction to its housing culture

Those who go for apartments in Chennai generally belong to the middle-class and the upper-class communities. There are budget apartments with the most basic amenities like a generator, a motor for water, and a lift. Chennai is also home to a wide range of luxury and semi-luxury apartments that come with an added set of amenities that include a gym, a children’s play area, a community hall, and more. The latter are generally priced higher than the former.

Since the city is one of the best for families to reside and build a life in, most of the apartments in Chennai are located in well-developed residential hubs. With several builders competing to develop the best homes for their target audience and customers, the city’s residents today have a wide range of options to choose from.

Chennai city – a residential paradise

Chennai is an ideal city for youngsters and families alike, and there are several factors the city presents itself with that make it a residential paradise. Right from education and healthcare to entertainment and transport, Chennai’s infrastructure is very well developed. Let’s take a look at the different factors that make Chennai an amazing place to live!

Education: Chennai’s education scene is excellent. The city houses some of the best educational institutions and provides a top-notch educational experience in schooling and university education. 

Healthcare: The city’s healthcare system is well developed as well. The city is surrounded by several multi-specialty and niche-based hospitals that make healthcare easily accessible to residents.

Entertainment: Chennai as a city is not short of entertainment. The city is home to many entertainment hubs, including cinema multiplexes, shopping complexes, various parks, cafes, restaurants, resto-bars, beaches, and more. Additionally, the city is also surrounded by touristy spots like Pondicherry, Mahabalipuram, Yelagiri, and more that serve as the perfect getaway options citizens can drive down on weekends to unwind themselves.

Culture: While Chennai is the capital of the state of Tamil Nadu, it is also fondly called the culture capital of South India, owing to the deep-rooted traditions and historical heritage that still goes on to be alive in the city. This adds to the city’s beauty that boasts of offering the best of both worlds to its citizens.

Transportation: Over the years, the city has managed to gradually streamline transportation, making the two opposite ends of the city easily connected. Chennai houses one of the best local railway lines, and with the rapidly developing metro rail, the city is all set to be better in terms of transportational infrastructure.

These are some of the factors that elevate Chennai’s status as an ideal city to live in, and compared to other metros, the standard of living is quite economical. Apartments in Chennai provide plenty of amenities as apartments in other well-developed cities do, but for a more nominal price.

Apartment shopping? Here are a few things that matter!

Investing in an apartment in Chennai or any place comes with its own set of things you must consider and know about. From home loans to ready-to-move homes, read on to learn more about the things that matter!

1. Home Loan:

Several banks provide you with endless options for home loan plans. However, you must be aware of what you are signing up for when you opt for a loan with your bank. To land the best home loan plan, it is advisable to promptly meet all the requirements that you need to from your end. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you apply for a home loan:

(a) Make sure you have a good credit score. Maintain at least a minimum credit score of 750. Anything above 750 is considered credit-worthy and will re-assure your bank that you are a responsible borrower.

(b) Maintain an equally good credit report. Lenders will look for both your credit score as well as your credit report. Once they are done looking at your score, they will go back to your past payments and look for unhealthy patterns in your payment behavior in the past. A bad credit report is a major red flag that might hinder your loan acquirement process.

(c) Show them a record of regular employment and salary status. When it comes to loans, you will have to pay the bank a monthly EMI. For this, you will need to prove to the bank that you are a long-term employee and receive a stable income to pay your EMI. Ensure you are smart enough to stick to your job or show your bank that your business will give you a steady income.

2) General things in the apartment you need to look into:

(a) Amenities: Amenities are the extra facilities that the builder provides in your apartment complex. Apartments in Chennai provide residents with various amenities that make life in the apartment a pleasurable experience. Amenities range from swimming pools, power back-up, gyms, children’s play area, community hall, and more. Fomra, one of Chennai’s leading builder groups, brings you 2/3 BHK flats for sale in Porur. With exciting amenities and an excellent location, Fomra Hues is one of the best options if you are looking for an apartment in Chennai. 

(b) Maintenance Charges: Every apartment will have an owners’ association, and every owner will have to pay an amount towards the maintenance of the apartment, called maintenance charges. Consult a good real estate advisor and discuss the maintenance charges your apartment has proposed to judge if they are reasonable before you go ahead with purchasing the apartment.

(C) Ready-to-move apartments: Look to invest in a ready-to-move apartment as they make things easier when you move in. Ready-to-move flats won’t involve much work once the apartment is complete. All you will have to do is some essential furnishing work, and you are ready to set up your home. 


Apartments in Chennai are present in abundance, with a galore of amenities that elevate your lifestyle. Whether you are looking for an apartment that will give you a lifestyle upgrade or a budget home that promises a simple and comfortable life, Chennai has it all. If you are looking for premium 2/3 BHK flats for sale in Porur, consider investing in a Fomra home. 

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