benefits of flats in porur

Know Your Neighbourhood: Benefits of Flats in Porur

Everyone wants to buy a new home. The dream of buying a house is strong, especially when one starts earning. One sees it as a happy investment. Having a place in one’s own name makes them feel proud and comfortable and gives liberty to decor it as per their tastes. No matter where you plan to buy, the ultimate goal is to invest in the right house for a trusted builder. Of so many conditions or desires that one has, while purchasing a new home, one most important thing is the locality or the area in which they plan to buy or invest in housing property.

There are so many prospective places in Chennai where one can think of buying a house. However, there are a few places in Chennai that are fast-growing when compared to the other parts of the city. One such place is Porur. Today in this blog, we will see the benefits of buying a flat in Porur.

Here are a few advantages that you will get by purchasing a flat in Porur.


One of the best advantages of staying in Porur is that there is no worry for mobility. Porur is also one of the central places where you can travel to any place. There is a good frequency of buses, and shared transport is one of the most significant advantages of this place. Also, Guindy metro station is one of the closest metro stations to Porur from where one can take the metro to commute to other places. Also, the roadways are spectacular with many flyovers that make the commute much simpler and more accessible, making it a hassle-free transport experience for all.


Porur is a very diverse place. It has a mix of both entertainment and recreational places. It has parks and hangout areas. Besides, it is a favourite place for those who are religious as there are many temples, churches and mosques. Some of them to name are Ramanatheswarar temple, Bala Murugan temple, Porur Jain Temple, CSI St. Mary’s Church, Sri Adi Kubera Jalakandeswarar Temple, Sethu Kshetram and much more.

Water Supply

Porur is the hub for one of the most prominent water bodies in the entire city. The porur lake holds tons of water serving as the best source of water supply for the local household. Monsoons make this lake more beautiful, thus giving scenic goals for people. Proper water management also ensures that the water is sufficiently used and even in the right way. This is one of the major reasons to buy a house in Porur.

Career Opportunities

Being one of the fast-growing areas, Porur booms with many MNCs and small companies that offer numerous job opportunities to people. The DLF IT park has a number of companies, both Indian and foreign, that encourage people to take up jobs and create a promising career for themselves. Some of the major companies that are in this IT Hub are CITI Bank, DELL, IBM, Cognizant, Virtusa, iGate, Barclays, TCS and many more. The total number of IT companies in this place count to 28 in total. The number of working-class people in this place is high in number, thus making it another reason to buy a flat in Porur.


When families move to a new place, the major thing that concerns them is the availability of educational institutions to enrol their children. By buying a flat in Porur, one need not keep this worry in mind. There are many reputed educational institutions in Porur. Some of them are Pon Vidyashram, Narayana Olympiad School, Sri Sankara Global Cambridge International School, and other government schools. These schools offer primary and secondary education. Besides, there are also institutes that provide daycare and other pre-primary education for kids. 

Investment Returns 

Porur is one of the most rapidly growing places in Chennai city. With so many IT Hubs and other entertainment zones, so many people are moving to this part of the city for livelihood and also to find a house and stay. The presence of so many working-class people makes the place high in demand for flats to rent or buy. So if you are planning to buy a house in Porur, you need not worry about the returns from it. If you are not planning to stay but then only buy it as an investment, then you will always find tenants to rent it out. Also, when the time comes, you can always expect excellent returns if you put up your flat for sale in Porur.

Safe Locality 

Porur is one of the busiest areas in the city and hence is always with hustle-bustle. The presence of a good number of population and the active area makes it a safer place to stay. The protection force is also always on toes, and so there is no fear of theft in the locality.


Another best reason to invest in a house in Porur is the amount of enjoyment you get while you stay there. Besides, schools, temples and being a good connectivity point to other places, another major attraction is the number of options available for entertainment. There are theatres, malls, and much more. To name some, there is Forum Vijaya Mall, Express Avenue Mall, AGC Cinemas, Palazzo Cinema and much more!

There are many reasons why you should buy a house in Porur. Investing in Porur has proven to give good returns over the years and also given the fact that it is one of the fast-growing places in Chennai. What is your favourite reason to buy a house in Porur?

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