10 Home Decor Ideas for Living Room You Should Try in 2022

Blog Summary: Are you looking for home decor ideas for your living room? Then you have hit the right place. Here are 10 homes decor ideas for the living room that you should try in 2022. 

A living room is the depiction of the whole house and the people who live there. 

A living room is a place where you will be spending your time leisurely. It is one of the most important aspects of your house and is also a part of the house which contain many important entities. The pandemic has taught us that we spend a lot of time at our homes, so we might as well make it comfortable and appealing. Most often than not, livings rooms are the space that most of the visitors that visit your house have access to, so how about taking that little effort and styling it well. Living room decor ideas for 2022 are as follows. 

Do you feel the need to change your home decor?

Are you tired of your home decor? Do you want to give your living room a new look?  Keep the thought afresh, and don’t let it pass away. A lively and likeable living room of your choice will make you feel so much better and put you in a good mood. So, dive in and design your living room as per your wish this 2022. We have covered everything from simple and subtle ideas to grand and multifunctional spaces in this blog. 

1. Furnished, Polished and Magnified

Nothing works better than a furnished living room with matte finished walls and ceramic floor tiles.  

Add a comfortable set of furniture that blends along with the colour gradient of the tiles and floor. These are the two main entities for living room decor ideas that makes the living room furnished and polished. Since it’s a living room, you can have a matte finished TV stand that goes with it, and it will look chic. 

Add other furniture set like a table or couch that goes along with the colour gradient as well. This is one of the simple and elegant living room decor ideas for 2022. 

2. The Biophilic 

There is nothing better than a natural setting that will never go out of style. A biophilic environment creates a lively and natural setting in your living room. This is one of the best living room ideas that will trend in 2022. The biophilic living rooms are well ventilated with natural lighting. Large door windows are placed, allowing adequate sunlight to peep in. The living room is set with house plants, thus ensuring a natural and soothing environment in the house. 

3. Go traditional 

There is nothing better than having an authentic Indian setting in your living room. The best way to give an Indian touchup to your living room is to add antique wooden sets and a wooden swing. Got that nazaar charm from a temple? Well, add that as a decor. Got that chimes from an antique store? Add that as well. The fast-paced, rapid westernization has, in fact, reduced our cultural touch. Why not bring it back. Make it lively, authentic and go traditional as it is one of the best living room decor ideas for 2022. 

4. The minimalist 

Minimalism is something that many are turning towards. Be it as a lifestyle or even for living room decor ideas. If you are someone who likes to keep things minimal, simple and elegant, well, minimalist living room decor ideas are definitely for you. This is personally one of our favourites. A minimalistic look needs careful planning as you will have only very few objects in your living room. Pick comfortable and appealing furniture, probably a television set and a few other things that you think you want access to in the living room. Design the living room with suitable colours. Minimalistic home decors are easy to maintain and help in the long run. 

5. Colourful and lively

There is nothing better than a colourful and lively arena for living room decor ideas. You can pick themes that will resonate with your concept of a living room. If you have kids at home, then what better way to design a living room than to incorporate colourful entities here and there. You can use bright solid colours like blue, red, green yellow and give a contrasting contemporary look. But make sure that you don’t overdo it and see that the interiors gel well. 

6. The subtle and soft look

A subtle look and soft look is a go-to for anyone who would like to have a pleasant vibe in the living room. To create this, the main entity that you will need to concentrate on is the colour and texture of the walls and floor. They are the base. Soft earth stones can be used for flooring and wall. A comfortable and light coloured furniture set can be made use of to go with the look. Go for subtle and pleasant living room decor ideas this year. 

7. Bold wallpapers and 3D designs

This is one of the liveliest and eye-grabbing living room decor ideas that you can look out for in 2022. Monochrome wallpapers will look the best for living rooms with broad walls. Pick the wallpaper as per your likes as they are magnified and bold. You can make use of the 3D effects on the wall art, and this will look appealing as well. 

8. The cosy and packed

This is an appropriate setup for someone who likes to have a comfortable, cosy and laid-back set up in their living room. You can use eye-cooling colours in your living room. A warm brown wooden finish can go well for this living room setup. If you are located in the cold part of the country, then having a firewood spot in your house can work well as well. It is one of the best ideas for a cosy living room.  

9. The sustainable 

Sustainability is the way of living for many. For sustainable living room decor ideas, prepare your living room with things that are long-lasting and will not be worn or torn out easily. Sustainability is not merely restricting yourself to a lesser quantity. Rather it is about having greater quality of things in your space. 

You can also use well-conditioned thrift furniture and materials to create a better sustainable look. Of all the living room decor ideas for 2022, sustainability has a matured concept, and you should try it out. 

10. The multifunctional 

Multifunctional spaces are the key to doing more with less. Multifunctional living home decor ideas should be well planned as to what exactly you would like to do with the space. Be very clear that you will be using what you put there. A few of the examples of having a multifunctional living room are you can add gym equipment like thread mill or cycle in one corner. You can have a live kitchen counter or a bar counter on the other half of the living room and more. 

Hope the above gave you some idea of the trending and appealing home decor ideas for 2022. Which is your favorite home decor idea of them all? What will you be trying out for your living room? Let us know in the comments. 

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