7 long-run benefits of buying a flat in Chennai in 2020 for your family

7 long-Run Benefits of Buying a Flat in Chennai in 2020 for Your Family

Chennai is the fastest-growing metropolitan city and is one of the busiest places. It has been growing rapidly to meet the new demands of the growing population. Why wouldn’t it expand, for major IT hubs and other great amenities are finding their way in this prominent place? Most people relate Chennai or Madras as it was previously known as emotion. It is the vibes of the Chennaittes and the place that draws people from other states as well to come here and settle down. Chennai is close to many tourist spots as well. Settling down in Chennai is one of the best options as it serves as a great benefit. Professionally and in terms of educational institutions, there are many great opportunities in the city. It is the most prestigious IIT. There are so many right places for real estate investment in Chennai. Besides, there are many other reasons why you should seriously consider buying a flat in Chennai in 2020.

Here are seven long-run benefits of buying a flat in Chennai:

#1. Flourishing IT and other Job Opportunities


You would be amazed to know that there are close to 4000 companies in Chennai and the IT hub is expected to boom in the next few years as well. Not only IT but also various other domains that are looking forward to housing their companies in Chennai. If you are a person looking out for new job prospects, this is the place for you. Companies like Amazon, Cognizant, Citi, Zoho, HTC, Saint-Gobain, and so many more. Chennai acts as the most feasible option for them, given the ideality of the place. So, think nay and choose Chennai to settle down. Buying an apartment in Chennai will be an ideal option right now.

#2. City’s Growth


There can be a special mention of the city’s massive and rapid growth. There has been a constant rise in job opportunities and not only that but also that Chennai has the best educational institutions. With so many favourable conditions, people are migrating from other cities to choose Chennai as their home. This is giving a boost to the growth, pushing the government to provide amenities to meet the growing population needs. The city’s transportation system is to be given a special mention. Any place in the city is feasible to travel with less or no pain at all. Many MNCs have and are planning to expand their horizons to Chennai. There are already several prominent companies like Amazon, Cognizant; various banks have their offices here.

#3. Smart and Clean City Initiatives


The construction and completion of Metro Rail have seen a significant difference in the city. The very few destinations that were difficult to travel previously can now be done in just a swipe. Chennai airport, one of the best in the country, is also seeing a rapid development to add to be smarter. Automation is seeing a new play in the city. Public infrastructure like walking paths, mobile toilets for better sanitation and other garbage disposal is also seeing a new makeover. Four-lane roads are getting converted to six and eight lanes making sure the traffic problem is addressed in any part of the city. There’s more greenery now, and there are many NGOs and other organizations that are working on many different things to make Chennai a smart and clean city.

#4. Best Place to Hangout


Name the hobby; you will find it or name a fun-to-do thing; you will find the right place in Chennai. Right from going for parties to taking a stroll along the beach, you can find everything here. If you are a temple person, then welcome Chennai with your arms wide open. There are great churches and other religious places as well. Many of the best restaurants in Chennai serve fantastic food. Chennai is a community-friendly place. There are so many groups of youngsters out there who work for various causes and also make good company. Malls, theatres, restaurants and parks, there are countless options to fall in love with this place. If you decide to buy an apartment in Chennai, especially in areas like Anna Nagar or Adyar, then consider it worth every penny for this is one of the most happening areas. 


#5. Booming Real Estate

fomra - house-property

Chennai has one of the best residential construction projects in the country. They are homely and stylish at the same time. Many prestigious companies see it as viable, feasible, and very profitable to invest in Chennai. You get the best deals on lands, and since the city is booming, it’s been showing a constant appreciation in land prices. Real estate magnets are brainstorming to make the best deals and sell apartments in Chennai at the best prices. Big players in construction are taking up challenges to create the best in-house designs for new flats in Chennai, which is another excellent reason why you should own a house in Chennai.

#6. Numerous Amenities

All amenities are presented and spread over in all places of Chennai. Schools, colleges, entertainment, religious spots and whatnot. Chennai has the best malls and superstores, and there is a high probability of IKEA coming up in Chennai. Superstores like Spar, Big Bazar, and many more. Chennai also has the best healthcare facilities. It has top-notch facilities with world-class doctors who have an excellent reputation.

#7. Best Resale


Chennai, the land of opportunities will never let you go empty-handed. If at all you are moving to a new place and are looking to sell your flat, it offers you the best market price. Since Chennai is ever-growing and has excellent potential, real estate agents and buyers are always ready to buy them. There has been a lot of demand for houses. So one thing that will convince you dramatically is the resale value for your home in Chennai.


There are various other reasons why you should invest in a flat in Chennai. Considering all the factors mentioned above, settling down or buying a house in Chennai is a real estate plan for a better retirement. You can choose between villas or apartments or flats like 3 or 2 bhk flats for sale in porur. Investing is always a good thing to do when you have money in hand. Educate yourself well and make a wise decision.


Buying a flat or an independent house are among the best options for investment, but considering the initial capital investment, it is more feasible for everyone to buy a flat rather than buying an independent house. Thus, choosing the right location for real estate investment plays a vital role.
Yes, buying a flat in Chennai today brings great potential advantages in the future. The increasing demand for rental houses in various areas of the city due to the influx of people from various parts of the country will have a huge impact on real estate price in the future.
It is important to look for the right time to buy a flat in Chennai. Real estate sector has a fluctuating growth rate that depends on various factors. Therefore, look for the right project which suits your budget at the right location in the city with potential future benefits. It is an indication to buy your dream house in Chennai.
There is no ideal age fixed for a person to buy a house in Chennai, but considering the various factors like income, the initial capital payment, opting for a loan and many more factors, the ideal age to buy a house in Chennai is 25.

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