9 Greatest Advantages of Smart Home Automation in India

Welcome to the era of smart living

A decade or so ago, who would have imagined we would be leading a life in which we can control home appliances from anywhere, just with a tap on our smartphones! We have officially entered the era of smart living. Smart home automation in India has taken over our lifestyles today and has simplified our lives. 

From controlling the AC’s temperature to electronically controlling the household appliances (and in some cases, even the door’s lock!), smart homes are today’s hottest trends in the Indian housing industry. 

So, what led to the emergence of smart home automation in India? Technological advancements and the development of the internet and the smartphone trend, of course! And today, with the science of automation in our hands, we have devised ways to automate everything in our homes literally. 

If you are wondering whether automation has done us good or bad, we will vote for good! Smart home automation in India is one of the main features homebuyers look for while buying a home.

This article will discuss the advantages of smart home automation in India and how they make our lives easier and our day-to-day activities smoother.

9 Greatest Advantages of Smart Home Automation in India

In today’s fast-moving world, we look for convenience and speed in everything we do, including our daily tasks. We have become reliant on technology so much that it has seeped through the walls of homes in the form of smart home automation in India

Home automation is the “automatic and electronic control of all household features, appliances, and activities.” Home automation makes life easier, convenient, and, most importantly, more secure. The concept of home automation predominantly relies on the internet and, as a result, your smartphone (think of your smartphone as a remote control!) to control the utilities and the different electronic appliances and features of your home. 

Voice assistants can be integrated into your home, and you can control the different elements of your home with voice commands. The possibilities of smart home automation in India are endless, and automated homes are called smart homes.

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Let us discuss some of the most important advantages of smart home automation in India.

1. Control the room temperature at the click of a button

Smart home automation in India has made it more convenient and easier to control the room temperature from anywhere, through a mobile application! There is no need for an AC remote as well. You can now integrate the control on your smartphone, and all you have to do is reach for your phone and adjust the temperature accordingly.

In addition to this, you can also set up motion sensor controls, which will sense and adjust the temperature according to movement and the presence of people. This way, you can also save energy consumption. 

2. Helps you watch out for danger and prompt alerts!

The home automation system is equipped to sense danger or any mishap and alert you promptly. For example, if there is a gas leak in the kitchen, the gas leak sensor in your smart home will detect the leak and send out messages that will alert you. This will help you escape accidents and more within your home. This is one of the biggest advantages of smart home automation in India

3. Provides heightened security 

Automated smart homes provide you with all-around surveillance of your home. With interlinked cameras and, in most cases, even motion sensors, smart home automation in India is a system that allows you to access CCTV videos live through your smartphone itself. There is no need to get a TV and integrate the CCTV signals to watch the footage.

With this feature, you can keep an eye on your house, from anywhere, even on the go.

4. Monitoring kids got easier!

Throw away your worries of your kids’ safety when you are not at home, out the window! With smart home automation in India, you can keep an eye on your kids and their movements even when you are not at home. With several parental control software available in the market, you can integrate them into your home in order to keep an eye on your kids’ activities when you are away. 

5. Keep control of your main door

Say goodbye to the key system and hello to the automated main door. Today, with smart home automation in India, you can lock and unlock your main door through passwords, biometric systems, RFID locks, and more. Automation provides you with a centralised security system that allows hassle-free locking and unlocking your home. 

6. Control appliances and more with voice integration

We are in the age of voice commands, and smart homes today come with the option of integrating smart voice assistants like Google Assistant, Alexa, and more. Once you have integrated the voice assistant of your choice in your home, you can send out voice commands and control almost everything in your home. This is also one of the major advantages of smart home automation in India.

7. Turn off the lights from anywhere!

Once you have stepped out of home, you don’t have to overthink about whether you have turned the lights off at home or not! With smart home automation in India, you can integrate the light’s controls into an app on your phone and switch on and off the light in your room with just a tap, no matter where you are! 

8. Automated streaming of music and television

In a smart home, you don’t need a CD, music player, or even a remote-controlled television. Bid goodbye to manual sound systems as well. With voice assistants integrated, you can control and stream music and videos from your smartphone and through voice commands. 

9. Save energy and Save money

By integrating the light’s controls into your home as well as automating music streams, you can save energy which further saves money. Dimming lights and choosing soothing music will help your kids sleep quicker and better. Smart home automation in India has made it easier for parents to take care of their children.

These are some of the biggest advantages of smart home automation in India. Smart homes are the hottest selling residential properties today. If you are looking for smart homes in Chennai, Fomra Hues is a great choice!

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