Must Have Elements In Any Residential Apartment

7 Must-Have Elements In Any Residential Apartment

What is it to have everything that we need in a residential apartment? Imagine, all the basic amenities that you ever wanted are there right in front of you and in the house that you want to make yours by buying. Most amenities in residential projects come with a price. But as a buyer what you should know is that basic amenities are your right and you don’t have to pay huge amounts of money to make them yours. You can always get in a discussion with your seller about this when they offer their apartments for sale.

Today in this blog, we will be talking about what are the must-have elements in any residential apartment. Which means, what are some of the most important and basic amenities in a residential project that you should look for before buying when the apartments are put for sale.

Here are the basic 7 must-haves to look for in any residential apartment:

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Parking Space

Parking space is something that many residents suffer

Parking space is something that many residents suffer. The unavailability of enough space to park your vehicle does not only cramp the public space on roads but also means zero safety for your vehicle. While most apartments provide the ground floor for parking others don’t. But as a buyer, you should go for a property that has a spacious parking lot within the property’s compound. Make sure you adhere to this as you are going for a long-term investment when you buy a flat.

Security and Safety System

The most important thing of all is the security system that a residential space has got to offer. If there is no proper security system do not proceed to buy the property. A proper security system in today’s standards includes one or more than one CCTV cameras that are monitored, a guard or a smart security lock system. These are basic to expect in today’s residential property. On the other hand, a safety system includes a fire alarm and an extinguisher one on each floor. Buckets filled with sand and painted in red to indicate it as one of the fire extinguishers are also important. Have a clear conversation with your seller regarding these two amenities. Safety is foremost and there can never be any compromises on it.

Water and Electricity Supply

With today’s water scarcity problem, few places in a city have a huge impact. Some buyers tend to cover this point to sell the houses. But as a buyer, you need to be aware of all these and one of the best things to confirm on it is to enquire about it in the neighbourhood. Ask other residents in that area about the water problem in their locality. If they confirm it persists then check with your seller if they have an alternative arrangement to overcome the problem to have a hassle-free water supply on a daily basis. Make sure you get this information prior to buying a house.

When it comes to electricity, the corporation has the power to handle it. However, in times of an unforeseen event, there might be power shutdown for a longer period. A good seller will provide a power backup to make sure you have an uninterrupted power supply. It can be difficult, especially in post evenings. If your seller is providing the backup power supply, there might be an additional cost to it and it is okay to pay for it.

Accessibility To All Floors

If your apartment has more than three floors, make sure there is an elevator. This is important especially if you are staying on a higher floor. Also, some owners tend to lock the terrace floor for safety reasons. Check with your buyer for a spare key to access the open space. This will help keep away any differences later after you buy the house.

Enough Free Space

Enough Free Space

If there is one thing that a property lacks these days, it is the availability of free space. Yes, we all live in a concrete jungle but to have some space between houses is not only safe but is also essential for healthy living. Before buying an apartment, make sure it has enough space on either side from other buildings adjacent to it. Some places are extremely crooked with only a few inches of gap between two buildings. This can be a very challenging and a dangerous thing. It also poses a problem during maintenance work.  


We all love air and sunlight. A house that is not lit enough is a house equal to a darkroom. Make sure the house you buy is perfectly ventilated. It is one of the must-haves that a property owner should offer when he is letting out his apartment for sale. A ventilated house generates positivity and brings out a pleasant atmosphere inside the house. Enough sunlight not only makes the house perfect but also helps to channel various health concerns.


Having proper maintenance is very essential especially when the building association charges for a maintenance fee. Maintenance includes cleaning and sanitizing the premises and the water tank frequently, maintaining dust-free floors and looking after the garden if any, making sure there is no dust from the plants like flying of dry leaves and so on. Other maintenance also includes clearing of garbage bags on a timely basis to ensure the health and safety of the residents. 

These are some of the must-haves that a builder should offer when he is putting his apartments for sale. Connect with your seller and make a good rapport with them to make sure these basic amenities are available with them. Do not hesitate to ask for anything that you feel is right when you purchase a house. It is good to dig deeper and find the right things when you are going for a long term investment. Make the right choice and live happily!

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