10 Perks of Buying a Flat Compared to an Independent House in Chennai

10 Perks of Buying a Flat Compared to an Independent House in Chennai

Owning a place that you can call home is an important goal that is beyond any religion or even nationality. All the required savings have been accumulated; the next question is whether to buy an apartment or a house. Space issues and high rates in metro cities are compelling home buyers or investors to look for apartments rather than owning individual dwellings. Apartments come at a lower price, but the factors that are to be considered are the rates, locality, security and other amenities. These days due to vertical growth, apartments also come with shopping malls, office buildings, In-built theaters, and gyms. And these days any type for construction if you see, it would mostly be for apartments and rarely for individual houses.

These days many advertisements are coming for apartments like new apartments for sale in Porur, Anna Nagar, koyambedu etc which gives the buyers a good amount of choices to select from.

Independent houses

Independent houses are for those who seek for living in privacy. Being an owner of a separate house gives you control over modifications of interior design and architecture. If the owner has enough patience till the time he wants to sell the house, he could earn a nice margin of profit for himself. But building a house from scratch can be or mostly will be a hassle.


Apartments are an excellent choice for one’s self-use. They come with unique and affordable cost rates, many amenities and security. At the present age, an apartment is as good as an individual house since apartments can be modified too according to one’s suiting by keeping the base infrastructure the same. They are suitable for both renting as well as for investing.

Here are a few perks of living in an apartment in a metro city like Chennai

#1. Easy Living

Owning an individual house gives you high power, but sadly, great power comes with great responsibility. There is a constant need for maintenance, construction, and repair. In contrast, in societies with apartments, they have a dedicated in-house maintenance team that takes care of everything. They are available round the clock at a reasonable expense due to the pooled resources.

#2. Safe from Scams and Frauds

If you are an inexperienced new buyer, you could fall into traps built by frauds and scammers, when purchasing an independent house. In the case of apartments, buyers can check the reputation and record of the builder of their products and their quality. They can fact check with the existing residents and previous residents too. This helps in investing the hard-earned money in a trustworthy project.

#3. Easy mobility

By renting out an apartment, you can move into your residence or run out of it quickly as soon as you drop the security check. Smooth mobility is needed and essential if you need flexibility in your career. Apartments in Porur can give smooth movement to people who move around a lot due to work.

#4. Rental Advantage

To own an individual household, you need financials to own land, build a house on it from scratch, and if made repairs and maintenance can be a hassle. By renting out an apartment, you need to pay a monthly or yearly rent. The rent of the land is equally divided between the apartment holders, which allows each apartment holder to pay only a small certain amount.

#5. Amenities Provided

Apartments come with great deals like private parking, in-unit air conditioning, pets are allowed, swimming pools, gyms, balcony. Condos are the futuristic smart homes for nuclear families. Apartment renters love their pets with most of the apartment searches looking for either pet-friendly communities or apartments that are pet-friendly. 

#6. Community and Socializing

Society has many blocks in it and neighbourhoods; there are various apartments. It helps build a community, or in simple words, a large family can be formed. Festivals and societal events become even more joyous when celebrated with people in large numbers. Children can make friends with the children of other apartments; old age people can also find their matching company. Same with working women, homemakers and male members. Hence staying in an apartment, you will not need to go outside to find a company. This community seems the most significant plus point of staying in apartments. When there is such a big community, there is always a chance that it can be of help sometimes when needed.

#7. locations

Usually, apartment buildings are built around the best geographic areas which have school, colleges, shopping malls, stores which give the renters the benefit of living near where they work. It is not very easy to find individual houses in such localities.

#8. 24/7 Security

Societies with blocks have security provided for apartments in each neighbourhood. Protection is focused on knowing who has entered and exited the block 24/7 and has it written down all the time. Whereas in individual houses, people hardly keep any security which increases the chances of being targeted to burglary. Many apartments feature secure front doors which can only be opened with a code or card. Also, it’s less likely for a potential thief to go unnoticed when there are so many neighbours everywhere around you.

#9. Financial Support

When building an individual house, the builder or the owner requires a mortgage from the bank, which is very difficult to get even more challenging to pay back. Whereas when it comes to apartments Usually, brokers or real estate agents have tie-ups with banks which can give easy loans to the buyers at a lower interest.

#10. Less Commitment Provided

When you live in an apartment, you are not tied down to a house with a mortgage hanging over your head like a swinging sword. You will be able to move around as much as possible. You’re also able to afford to live in higher socio-economic areas that you may not be able to afford to rent or buy a house in.


All of these perks are present in Porur where apartments are available with features like better locality, futuristic smart homes. The flats which are mostly 1 BHK to 3 BHK for sale according to your preference. Porur is a suburb in west Chennai and is an emerging real estate destination or the end-user destination. It is also a higher industrial area. It is a preferred area to live in for techies working in the IT between areas of Old Mahabalipuram Road and Ambattur. New apartments are either on sale or are emerging every day in Porur and areas surrounding it. Porur has experienced rapid infrastructure development and has opened to major commercial hubs in Chennai.

Since there’s an emergence in the real estate market, the builders make sure the apartments are futuristic smart homes suitable for people to live a quality life there.


Yes, Chennai is one of the buzzing metropolitan cities with a lot of potential benefits for career, education, food and lifestyle. Thus, it is worth buying a flat in Chennai, and it offers a good investment which in turn guarantees better ROI in the future.
EMI flats are a better option for people looking for budget apartments in Chennai. They can avail the option to pay as monthly instalments through EMI, in the event that they are without a huge amount to invest, thereby offering an easy way for people to buy their dream house.
Yes, apartments have good resale value but it depends on specific factors like location, price, future improvements, age of the building. Thus, it is wise to look at these factors before buying a flat, for better ROI in the future.

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