10 Best Ravishing tips to beautify your new home

10 Best Ravishing Tips to Beautify your New Home

Who wouldn’t love to buy a new house? Owning a house has become a rank of status these days. Society sees you from a better perspective when you say you own a house. On the other hand, people themselves consider this as a proud thing to own a house. There is always an obligation when people stay in a rented house. Many tenants feel that they will be much more comfortable and happier if they have an option to own a house. While for some it is still a struggling wish, others have succeeded in making this wish come true. It is one dearest that we would all love to cherish. For new home buyers, there are many ways in which you can décor your house that makes it look classy and beautiful!

Most buyers prefer ready-to-move-in apartments to buy land and investing in its construction from scratch. For such people, there are so many options. You can choose from one of the best builders in Chennai who offer great designs. Furthermore, you can also work from your end to make your house look stunning.

Here are 10 best tips that you can consider as you move into your new home:

#1. Get rid of the clutter

The first and foremost thing is to get rid of clutter. Put all your unwanted stuff in a box and put it up on the loft or give them away. Otherwise, you can look into cool DIY projects to turn over your bad furniture or items to something creative and new.

#2. Indoor Plants

What is a better way than to start with something good? Plants create a whole new perception of a house. You can choose among the various options you have available in the best indoor plants in the market. Most plants help purify the air, boosts mood and improve concentration. Plants are also known to reduce stress and help absorb toxins. Keep pots of plants in your home in the corners to create a better picture of the house. Here are some of the plants that you can pick – snake plant, pothos, dracaena, ZZ plant or spider plant. These plants give an immediate boost to your ambience making it more pleasant.

#3. Smart devices

Invest better and invest right. Smart devices are the trend. You can connect your Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant is all worth the money. It also creates a style for your home. Smart homes are the fashion now and everyone is head-over-heels on the options available. You can also invest in multipurpose furniture like the sofa cum bed or foldable dining table or so. These make your house look stylish and set standards.

#4. Wallpapers

One of the factors to keep in mind before buying a dream house is to check for the walls. If you find any wall unnecessary, you can take them down. There are many builders in Chennai who offer customizing options. This means, you will be briefed about the floor plan and you will have an option to alter it if it is feasible. Once you have your walls, one thing to keep in mind is to never leave any large wall completely empty. A dark-colored wall in the living room can change the whole perspective and the way the room looks. Choose between either mild overall textures or one large design that covers the wall. Choose contrast colors to make the room look more vibrant. But remember one thing, never overload your walls with designs as this might give an extremely crumpled feel.

#5. Lights and decors

Another best investment that you can do is in lighting and home decors. Mood-lighting something that you can try and experiment. Check for recycled domes and paper domes online. These come in different colours and can give better lighting to your house. Good lights determine and play a major role in your moods. If you have dazzling and fancy bright lights, you might end up getting mentally disturbed and annoyed. Bad lighting can also result in health issues like eye strain and headaches.

There are so many décor options. Some of them are – large vases, handmade wall hangings, charms and other items. You can also consider hanging wind chimes right next to your window. These give out mild sounds that can be soothing and also makes the place nice and beautiful.

#6. Furniture

The choice of furniture determines the whole setting of your house. If you are planning to keep your furniture constant and for a longer time, only then should you invest a good amount in it. If you are a person who prefers change and wants to experiment, go for furniture rentals. They offer great options for sofas and tables. Do not buy too many for it will reduce the empty space for moving around freely in the house. 

Keep it classy and minimalistic. Depending on your choice and liking, you can choose between strong and bold coloured wooden furniture and funky furniture with bright and peppy colours. Corner tables, long lamps and single-seaters with great designs are so many in the market. While picking your furniture, make sure you pay attention to the wall colour and other decors that you want to place in the house. Match them accordingly to make sure your house looks well-set.

#7. Colour theory

Color theory plays a major role in determining the factors and ambience in a house. Do not mix-up colours if they do not match the place. For example, pastel shades do not go well with bright colours. If you want your house to look subtle and pleasant, you can pick cream-based colours. On the other hand, if you prefer a professional look, you can pick shades of grey, royal blue and dark green or maroon. So, each pallet has certain qualities and vibes that it projects.

#8. Pictures

Another interesting way to beautify your house is by hanging pictures. This need not be just of your family’s. If you fancy, you can get rare posters framed and can hang them to give a nice touch to the style. You can also add family photos as a collage and hang them on walls.

#9. Create a statement

Your house should have a statement of its own kind. If you want your house to look unique, you have to create your own style. It can be choosing unique colours or patterns or the kind of decors you choose. While some people prefer simple and elegant others prefer peppy and colourful setting. Check what makes you feel at home and try and experiment with it. You can play with rugs or throws over your sofa, danglers, mirrors on the wall, assorted pictures and so on.

#10. Keep it comfortable

At any given time, keep all the arrangements at home simple and comfortable. You should be able to walk around freely and keep your essentials accessible. Do not stuff your house with things just because someone else’s house is so. This is one of the most important tips. 


You can always take time to beautify your house the way you want. It all takes some interest and creativity to do so. Make it worth for you are going to step into a new place that will be yours! 


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